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Students (Beginners) are instructed in W.T.F style of Taekwondo and self-defence which is a more modern approach. We encourage discipline and self control to all our members to make every session as relaxed and enjoyable as possible to help bring out the best in our members.

The Sunwar Taekwondo is set up to promote Taekwondo to the public and offers a chance to make new friends, gain Fitness, Self-defence, competitions and a range of seminars to suit all.

The instructor is Master Mani Shankar Sunwar who is a 6th Dan black belt and has been teaching for a number of years throughout the London area, Hong Kong and Brunei. Master Sunwar has trained with some of the world’s best instructors over his time.

Master Sunwar is a ex-British serviceman for HM forces, Falkland War Veteran and worked for Brunei Royal Family as a security and close protection team. He is a fully qualified instructor from World Taekwondo Academy, Kukkiwon, Korea. He is also fully insured and C.R.B checked and has a wealth of experience in teaching both, adults & children, Male or Female.

Grading’s are held at regular times of the year and students are invited to attend competition, seminars and special events throughout their time with us.

So why not join us and see the benefits you will gain as a member, not only in making new friends, but also to your health and well-being..



SUNWAR Taekwondo is established in 2006. The word Sun-war means“Sun” as bright/hot and “War” as a warrior. Hence, SUN-WAR means STRONG WARRIOR.


Objectives of Taekwondo

  1. To develop an appreciation for Taekwondo as a sport and as an art
  2. To achieve physical fitness through positive participation
  3. To improve mental discipline, respect and emotional equanimity
  4. To learn self-defense skills
  5. To develop a sense of responsibility for one self and others.


Taekwondo for kids

Taekwondo has no age limits and is a very good sport for children. They learn fast reactions through games, learn to respect others and learn to know their abilities and disabilities. Competition rules are a bit different for children then they are for adults. Although children wear full body protection (preferably thicker than the protection for adults) only kicks and punches to the body are allowed, no kicks to the head.

Is Taekwondo dangerous?

Although WTF Taekwondo is a full contact sport where it is allowed to kick to the head (throwing punches to the head are not allowed), it is not very dangerous to practise Taekwondo. During training, there is no need to actually win so contact is light. During competition, full protection is used to protect the competitors.

To avoid head injuries, a competitor is not allowed to participate in a competition for three months (this time-period seems to vary) if one was knocked out by a kick to the head. If the same incident happens again after these three months, you are not allowed to participate for half a year. Another K.O. to the head after this half year period results in a permanent exclusion of competitions.

ITF Taekwondo is so-called semi-contact. It is not allowed to attack the head with full force. However, it is allowed to throw punches to the head, by using the so-called “killing-blow”, stop just an inch before the target. To avoid injuries, ITF uses gloves at sparring-competition.

Jump side kick

Tuesday starts 1800 Hrs all ages 


Thursday starts 1800 Hrs all ages







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